Hyperspectral Imaging is a fascinating, powerful technology enabling non-destructive, contact-free, even remote analysis of objects at the speed of light. Science fiction? – No, it’s real. This exciting technology has been used and proven in many scientific applications ranging from remote sensing from earth-observing satellites, monitoring plant growth in greenhouses and rain forests, measuring the ripeness of fruit, the freshness of fish, or to identifying malignant cancer tissue in brain surgery.

This technology has matured, has become robust, and much easier to use. It is now ready to provide value to many more applications in industry, agriculture, environment monitoring, food processing, mining… an almost endless list of applications.

In order to introduce Hyperspectral Imaging to a wider range of users and associated applications, Headwall Photonics, Inc., one of the most established and leading manufacturers of hyperspectral imaging instruments and Visratek, a young, innovative engineering company, initiated the Hyperspectral Imaging Application Center.

Our Vision

Make the power of Hyperspectral Imaging technology available to the widest possible range of applications.

Our Mission

Meet us at the HIAC – either virtually or in person – and find out what Hyperspectral Imaging can do for you in your application.

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