Hyperspectral Imaging

Why is orange #1 different from orange #2 ?

Because orange #1 is sweeter and it could be used for juice whereas orange #2 is not sweet enough!

And, why is fish #1 different from fish #2 ?

Because fish#2 contains histamine, which may cause food poisoning, and it cannot
be sold.

What does Hyperspectral Imaging have to do with this?

Hyperspectral Imaging gives you an additional dimension of information in every single pixel to grade the quality of your product: the spectral dimension.

What is Hyperspectral Imaging?

Hyperspectral Imaging is a spectroscopic technique that collects reflected energy (light) from samples at very dense and consecutive wavelengths.

Every object has its own characteristic of absorbing and reflecting light that we call a SPECTRAL FINGERPRINT. Only hyperspectral imaging can collect that detailed and specific fingerprint.

Why imaging?

Hyperspectral Imaging collects a spectral fingerprint for each pixel of an image. This means that you can create a map showing the quality of your products and accurately differentiate amongst pixels that might look the same by eye.

How can spectra be used to analyze samples?

Hyperspectral Imaging data represents information that can be interpreted by powerful, yet intuitive, analytical software techniques that turn SPECTRAL LIBRARIES into ANALYSIS ALGORITHMS.