Intraoperative Brain Cancer Detection Using Hyperspectral Imaging

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Brain cancer is one of the most harmful forms resulting in neurological malfunctions which can significantly impair quality of live. It’s most common form is characterized by locally very aggressive, fast-growing, invasive tumors. Such tumors are traditionally diagnosed by biopsy followed by histology or cytology. This is an aggressive and invasive process by itself which can result in significant side effects and complications, already. In addition, the diagnostic information is not available in real-time during the operation but requires laboratory processing [1].

Hyperspectral Imaging arises as a potential solution that allows precise delineation of the malign tissues in surgical time, while assisting guidance for diagnosis during surgical interventions and treatment [2,3].

Using a Hyperspec® VINR A-Series and Hyperspec® NIR Hyperspectral Imaging System of Headwall Photonics, the European HELICoiD Research project successfully developed and evaluated a demonstrator for intraoperative brain cancer detection. Exciting!

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