Camouflage Detection

Hyperspectral Imaging is an ideal tool to spot camouflaged targets because it is capable of detecting specific target characteristics in front of different backgrounds.

Camouflage can be the use of a combination of different materials dyed or painted with similar colors and patterns to the surrounding environment in order to reduce the visibility of a person or an object. In general, camouflage is used as a tactical technique to make a person blend in with the surroundings.

Although the fabrics used for camouflage (e.g. clothes, tarps) may have identical visual colors to their surroundings, they are made up of different materials such as cotton and nylon that may have distinct spectral signatures. Thus, Hyperspectral Imaging is able spot camouflaged targets from airplanes, drones, or mounted at ground level.

Camouflage Detection
Camouflage Detection

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