Inspection of Aromatic Leaves

Bay, tobacco, sage and others… Leaves of aromatic herbs are essential to some industries including food and cosmetics. Apart from industrial purposes, particular types of unprocessed aromatic leaves are used in culinary as ingredients. Thus, proper inspection of aromatic leaves is crucial for ensuring both food security and product quality.

Inspection of aromatic herb leaves is a chain of processes that includes, but is not limited to, foreign object detection, color, texture and shape analysis. Foreign object detection aims to separate unwanted man-made or natural objects from the product, while color, texture and shape analysis are processes for identifying the most valuable products.

A Hyperspectral Imaging system with high spatial and spectral resolution enables inspection of aromatic herb leaves with the highest accuracy. The dense spectral information of hyperspectral imagery enables detection of foreign objects and color defects, and the high spatial resolution helps perform proper texture and shape analysis.

Inspection of Aromatic Leaves
Inspection of Aromatic Leaves

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